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1938-D Buffalo Nickel NGC MS65... SOLD
An interestingly toned piece with a mix of blue, red, and green on the obverse, and light blue, purple, and lime on the reverse. The color is bolder than show in the photos, and the lustre lights it quite well. Certainly not your ordinary toned buffalo, but quite attractive.

Odd Denominations

1865 Three Cent Nickel NGC MS63... SOLD
A lovely, original piece with rich golden toning on both sides. The obverse is quite lustrous with strong clashes. The reverse color is a bit darker, but brighter and bolder than shown in the photo. The photo is a bit dark.





Half Dollars

1945 Walking Liberty Half Dollar PCGS MS64... SOLD
A great example. With tons of lustre, there are only tiny contact marks and a tiny gold spot on the obverse limiting the grade. Certainly, it's a PQ example, and one I've enjoyed owning for many years.

Silver Dollars

1880-S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS64PL... SOLD
A superb example with thick frost on both sides and great mirrors. The obverse is a solid DMPL, while the reverse doesn't quite make it. Overall, it's a great piece with a strong cameo look. This piece is priced in between Heritage trends for a 64PL and 64DMPL.
    Click here for extra large image

1884-O Morgan Dollar NGC MS63... SOLD
A lovely piece with a lustrous, fully toned obverse.
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1885-O Morgan Dollar PCGS MS64... SOLD
A lustrous piece with a large reverse crescent. The crescent contains the full color spectrum, including a large amount of emerald green, oft considered the money color on Morgans.
    Click for extra large image

1886 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS64... SOLD
A lustrous piece with a bold reverse rainbow. The rainbow includes a large amount of bold emerald green, a relatively hard-to-find color on Morgans.

1886 Morgan Dollar ANACS MS64... SOLD
I've always liked 1886 dollars for their lustrous, textured orange peel surfaces, and this coin doesn't disappoint. While mostly white, there is a small patch of orange and gold on the obverse of this piece, as well as a huge number of die cracks. The reverse is nearly fully toned, with cranberry, lime, and sky blue gently transitioning from one to the next. So I can have a clear conscience, I should mention that there is a fingerprint above the eagle's head--but good luck finding it. I hate using sunlight to look at coins, but when this piece came, it was the easiest light to access... and there was a faint print. I then looked at the coin under strong incandescent light, and the print vanished. So yes, there's a light print. And no, if you use a light bulb, you probably won't ever find it.
1886 Morgan Dollar ANACS MS64    Click here for extra large image




World Coins



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